Fergus Irvine is a hybrid—a human who shares his body with a fairy's soul. Like other hybrids in the human-governed post-apocalyptic metropolis of New Peiling, his life verges on okay-at-best, but it's on a fast track towards really bad when he returns to his apartment to find that his roommate and best friend Flynn is dead, apparently by suicide. Fergus refuses to believe that Flynn would kill himself, and in the months that follow, he finds himself enmeshed in the intrigues of the city. Fergus must survive arson, airship crashes, forests full of ravenous fairies, his (literally) catty kind-of-girlfriend, and peel back the layers of lies to find the truth about Flynn and himself.



Fergus Irvine

A very mellow guy, often swept up in the tide. His father ran off when he was a small child, and he was abandoned by his mother when he was a teenager. Regarded as the one person who might be able to change the relationship between humans and hybrids.



Ursula prefers to answer questions with questions and has a tendency to outright ignore most people, but should one gain her respect, she can be incredibly helpful, and not just her magical merchandise, but her ability with magic in general is extraordinary.


Terry Bridges

The withdrawn and cynical bassist for Everyday Resources. Besides his intimidating presence and incredible grasp of politics, Terry has a dark past and a wealth of secrets.

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One of the few humans who can do magic on a hybrid level. Became a wandering bounty hunter after leaving her village. A gullible and idealistic woman who tries to do the right thing.

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A prickly and taciturn bounty hunter. Pip's past is a heavy place. He doesn't say much, and he's very possessive of Three.

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William Guillory

The man idolized by every aspiring pilot in the city. Known as New Peiling's hero. One of the few hybrid sympathizers with any clout.

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Jane Murray

An heiress whose parents died before discovering she was a hybrid. Founder and leader of Niamh. She claims to be Flynn's former girlfriend.

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Ashton Harriet

Paige Harriet's son and puppet to her designs. A knight-in-shining-armor who upholds human law and strikes enough fear in the hearts of even the wickedest fairies.


NIAMH: This group of hybrids operates like a republic with all members having an equal say in matters, but nevertheless falling under a single leader, who goes by the moniker 'Fand.' They have substantial ties to the humans therefore enjoy superior living conditions to most hybrids, some even residing in the upper sections of the city. However, though they do dabble in human politics and are more or less fond of diplomacy, their true intent has little to do with the city or mortals, but rather their focus is on researching the Calamity and discovering ways to reenter Tír na nÓg.

BANDERSNATCH: This group is led by a triumvirate of hybrids. Two of the three (Macha and Morrigan) have only been seen by the innermost members of the group, and so no one is certain of their identities. The third appears to most to be the mouthpiece of the other two, a man who often goes by the alias 'Badb Catha.' Bandersnatch generally attracts hybrids with an Unseelie nature and those leaning towards Nihilism—fairies who do not believe that the passage to their homeland can ever be salvaged, and who often allow their skepticism to leak into hedonism. It is rumored, though no one can verify it, that members of this group have indulged in the taboo of stealing other fairies' powers to lengthen their lives and add to their powers.

KNIGHTS OF EVALACH: Led by a mysterious entity called 'Bedevere', the very mention of this group causes anxiety in hybrids. It is believed that nearly every exorcism that still occurs can be traced back to the Knights. Of course, many humans, even those that don't openly support the Knights, believe in their cause, and certainly, one wouldn't exactly say that the group is 'evil.' Like the other factions, they're mainly just looking out for their own interests, which are the interests of humans, and if that means driving the hybrids out of the city, or exterminating dangerous hybrids, the means justifies the ends.


More to come!

More to come!


Banshee: A female fairy that foretells death with her cry.

Boobrie: A fairy that appears as a large bird with a large hooked beak and webbed and taloned feet. Often steals farm animals to feed on.

Buggane: A large, ogre-like fairy covered in dark hair.

Cait Sith: A cat fairy with a white marking on its chest.

Gancanagh: A male fairy that seduces human women, causing them to die of love for him.

Ghillie Dhu: A tree guardian, which appears as a dark haired man dressed in leaves and moss.

Gytrash: A large black fairy dog with glowing eyes. Sometimes considered a harbinger of death, at other times a guide.

Kelpie: A fairy that appears as a black horse, luring travelers onto its back and dragging them into the water to eat them.

Púca: A shape-shifting fairy that often appears as a black horse. It sports a fondness for taking drunkards on wild rides across the countryside.

Selkie: A fairy that appears as a seal, which can shed its skin to become a beautiful woman. If a man steals its skin, he can force the selkie to marry him.

Sidhe: 'The Good Folk.' Fairies known for their beauty and terribleness.

Trash Uisge: A gentle water fairy that appears as a black bull with no ears.